$1.85 Million Maserati MC12 On Sale

Rare sports cars has become a major attraction among the people the last few years. Well-preserved specimens can mostly be found in possession of some wealthy collectors, and are very hard to find on the market. One such specimen has been just offered on sale, and it will certainly attract a lot of attention. Car Dealer Fort Lauderdale Collection South Florida sells a well preserved specimen of sports Maserati MC12 for 1.85 Million dollars, which was made ​​in a total of 62 pieces.

$1.85 Million Maserati MC12 On Sale

Car from 2004 which was so far driven only 1,205 miles (1,940 km) runs 6.0-liter V12 engine with 630Hp.

$1.85 Million Maserati MC12 On Sale $1.85 Million Maserati MC12 On Sale $1.85 Million Maserati MC12 On Sale

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