$1 Million World’s Most Expensive Vacuum Cleaner – GoVacuum’s 24K Gold-plated

For $1 million, you can buy luxury house, car or even aircraft… but to spend it on vacuum cleaner!? Of course, it’s not any, but the most glamorous and the most expensive cleaner. Premium online vacuum cleaner vendor,, has introduced what is certainly World’s Most Expensive Vacuum Cleaner, with the price tag of $999,999! The GoVacuum GV6272011 – 24K Gold-plated vacuum cleaner is designed for just few who simply can afford it.

If believe vendor, beside its golden exterior, this powerful (10AMP), but light-weight (only 15.5 lbs) dirt destroyer will impress with its ability to vanquish pet hair, fur, grime, dust mites and other debris with ease.

Only 100 of these gold-plated vacuum cleaners will be designed, customized and shipped to wealthy buyers. Each vacuum cleaner is fully customizable. You can choose engraving, which is free (also free is shipping worldwide). Nope, it would be better to charge some $200,000 for that. Also, one more option is a hand sewn outer bag (from most any material you choose) that’s lined by an all metal zipper-encasing the disposable HEPA bag, which offers a 99.97% filtering of dust particles and debris.

Only truly rich people can afford this vacuum cleaner, but they usually have cleaning ladies for that job, which will agree with me: they would rather to work with classic vacuum cleaner, and to get $1 million in cash for well done job (at least in installments). [GoVacum]

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