1 Terabyte Hard Drive Filled with $5 Million Software

A new exhibit at the Art 404 gallery, 5 Million Dollars  1 Terabyte, blurs the boundaries of between sculpture and skullduggery, conspicuously displaying a hard drive with $5 million of stolen property. This hard drive contains software like Adobe’s Font Collection, a 124GB music collection, tons of games, books and more.

$5 million hard drive art work

According to the Art 404 Gallery’s PDF document, the hard drive plays host to Adobe Creative Suite (PC and Mac versions), AutoCAD 2011 (PC and Mac versions), a 21 GB font collection, 137 GB worth of Nintendo DS roms, fiction books spanning 2003 to 2011 valued at $3 million, a 124 GB music collection and loads more.

This is probably super mind-blowing to old people but I’m sure some of us have a few gigabytes we wouldn’t want audited by the pirate police.

$5 million hard drive art work
$5 million hard drive art work

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