High-Tech iWallet – Safe Place for Your Money

The introduction of iWallet has revolutionized the way we store and secure our hard earned money and valuable information. iWallet is a smart top end wallet that is credited with the only wallet developed by the engineers that work in projects with NASA.

Carbon Fiber iWallet

In contrast to ordinary wallets that do not render any special feature in terms of safety, iWallet is exclusively designed to ensure safety and security to your cash plus personal information, with its top-notch features such as incorporated biometric reader, due to which you could open or access your iWallet only if it recognizes your finger print. The iWallet features a Bluetooth connection that tethers to your mobile phone. When the iWallet is 15-30 feet away from your phone, it starts alerting you with an audio alarm – which could potentially keep you from losing your wallet or phone, unless you lose both in which case you are out of luck. iWallet is primarily available in three models, of which one made from 100% Carbon Fiber and the other two from Carbon Fiber and Kevlar. You could own these models of feature-packed iWallet for only $599.95! If you are still looking for a reasonable option but at the same time wrapped with all these safety features, then opt for iWallets made from fiber glass, which you can own it for just $299.00!


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