Propeller Island City Lodge – Luxury Hotel Turned in to Piece of Art

Just the name of the hotel, Propeller Island, means that we are talking about exclusive place, cause you can landed with your own, private helicopter – for the start.

Propeller Island - Vampire Hotel Room With Coffins

The reason that the rooms in the hotel can’t seem so familiar to you is because this is not one of those trendly designer hotels, it is more like a private planet which has envolved in unique synchronicity with the tastes of its inventor. Here, nothing has been bought, every single construction is a singular novelty, everything is authentic and everything has its own special function – nothing is fake, nothing mere decoration.

Propeller Island - Upside Down Creative Art Hotel Room

All rooms and objects were designed by German artist Lars Stroschen and vary from quirky to the outrageous.

Propeller Island - Jail Cell Art Hotel Room

The meals are served at the Auberge Duchesing (breakfast and dinner), and there are also restroom and dressingroom  which are heated and lit. This will allow you to prepare for relaxing dip in their outdoor hot tubs and sauna.

Propeller Island - Art Concept Hotel Room With Erotic Dance Cages


Propeller Island - Fully Mirrored Art Hotel Room


Propeller Island - Hotel Room With Crazy Symbols

[Source: Propeller Island]

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