Honda Odyssey – the First Car Coated out in 70,000 Carats of Kyoto Opal

At Tokyo Auto Salon 2010, a Honda Odyssey bedazzled with 70.000 carats of Kyoto Opal was introduced. Kyoto Opal is a new material created using gemstone synthesis technology developed by Kyocera and it is based on the same Quartz grains as natural Opal.

Honda Odyssey

By coloring Kyoto Opal artificially, a diverse range of hues can be produced. In addition, a variety of cuts can be achieved, overcoming the cracking and chipping that occur in natural opal. Kyocera’s Kyoto Opal has been combined with Jewel Paint, a new coating technology from Honda Net Nara, a specialist in sheet metal coating and car customization. All that dazzle for about  $88,000, not counting the car, but Honda are aiming to bring the cost down further.

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