Icon Sheene – The World’s Most Expensive and Powerful UltraBike

At the UK’s Goodwood Festival of Speed Andrew Morris just debuted the Icon Sheene, the world’s most expensive and powerful production motorcycle designed to leave Ducatis in the dust. Like its name suggests, the super bike developed by Andrew Morris pays tribute to the late Grand Prix motorcycle world champion, Barry Sheene.
Icon Sheene - The World’s Most Expensive Bike

Icon Sheene - The World’s Most Expensive Bike

This hand built magnificent work of art is powered by 1.4-liter turbocharged, inline 4-cylinder engine, 250hp and a torque of 133 lbs-ft and reaches at top speed of 200 mph (322 km/h). Equipped with tubular aluminum frame including a fuel tank made from hand-beaten aluminum that takes around a month to fabricate. The bodywork is made up of hand-laid carbon fiber panels. Each bike is hand built and will be hand-painted with a different card by Mike Fairholme, the artist who decorated Sheene’s helmets. t’s even got etched and engraved plaques and yokes, a hand-painted 1940s style pin-up girl and Alcantara racing seat with Sheene ‘7’ logo. Only 52 examples will be built for collectors worldwide (one for each year of Barry’s life). The pictures and specs released for Icon Sheene are meant to tease potential buyers that are willing to pay $160,000 for this beautifully handcrafted superbike.

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