Custom Built Leon Home Theater Speakers Combine Aesthetic Design With High Fidelity

Custom Built Leon Home Theater Speakers Custom Built Leon Home Theater Speakers A synthesis of superb acoustic fidelity with aesthetic design is what Leon speakers achieve in its products. The company’s fully customizable new range boasts the finest home theater sound systems crafted in a choice of materials, including wood finishes, metal and leather. The acoustic engineering is matched with high-end craftsmanship for high fidelity audio. The variety of design is such that it will appeal to a wide range of taste. The new range of speakers that have been unveiled feature sound bars that can be hidden in custom built ultra flat enclosures that can stick to any wall and subwoofers of less than 4 inches that can be integrated into a wall. The options in the new range are infinite. You can even mix and match as per your requirement and taste. A particular pair of Leon Sevens, inspired by the client’s collection of classic cars – his personal favorite, the ‘57 Ford Fairlane, stands out in the collection.

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