Computer Choppers Offers Custom iPad Cases for the Opulent Apple Lovers

Apple sure is known for its minimalist design approach, but its fan base and smartphone designers seem to love doing just the opposite by dipping it in gold and sparkling it up with diamonds and other precious metals. If you have money to burn but looking for something more modest and not bedazzled like those Stuart Hughes iPadsComputer-Choppers has just rolled out their line of 24kt Gold, White Gold and Platinum iPad Cases. computer-choppers Plating is available in matte, brushed and polished finishes. Custom patterns and graphics can now be created in the plating itself. Custom logos are also available in a variety of materials, including plated and jeweled logos. Pricing starts at $799. Honestly with the way these things get upgraded every 6 months to a year, do we really need to spend hundreds to customize it? [Source: Computer Choppers]

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