Rolls-Royce Ghost Diva by Fenice Milano – More Powerful Rolls Ever Built

Rolls-Royce Ghost Diva by Fenice Milano
Rolls-Royce Ghost Diva by Fenice Milano The Italian tuner, Fenice Milano, has recently unveiled its Rolls Royce Ghost upgrade program. Their program is called Diva and will be available in three colors: navy, bronze and white. Designed to be the most exclusive cars on the market, the Divas boast Italian elegance and style. The White edition is Goldfinger’s dream machine as it features 24K gold on the hood, grille, side sills, and mirrors. If you desire something less gaudy, the Navy Blue Diva has a chrome grille and white golden pearlescent accents. Lastly, the Bronze edition can be had with the same 24K gold accents as the White edition or a slightly more restrained golden pearlescent / bronze appearance. Rolls-Royce Ghost Diva by Fenice Milano Rolls-Royce Ghost Diva by Fenice Milano Inside the console design has been maintained, but a few enhancements are provided. The dashboard and the passenger compartment are in biscuit-coloured leather and wood (teak or grey oak) and include white or bronze Alcantara profiles and inserts in 24K gold, whose outlines have been hand shaped by Fenice Milano’s artisans. The wheel, redesigned starting from the original one, has the crown covered in biscuit-coloured leather ant the central part in 24K gold and wood (teak or grey oak). Also the seats take inspiration from the original ones, but are redesigned following ergonomic principles and realized in white combined with biscuit-coloured pure leather (alternatively a version with biscuit-coloured pure leather coupled with bronze Alcantara seats is available), and like in the original car the picnic tables and the integrated minibar with glass holders have been maintained and realized in 24K gold. Apart from the long list of visual upgrades, and the 24K gold, the tuner also mentions they will upgrade the ECU, suspension and exhausts systems of the Fenice Rolls Royce Ghost Diva. However, they did not announced how this new package will improve the engine’s output. [Source: Fenice Milano]

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