Loads of Very Cool Upcoming TRON Legacy Merchandise

Tron Legacy Sunglasses
Tron Legacy Sunglasses A few months ago, we showed you Adidas TRON Legacy Collection and Limited Edition Sam Flynn and Quorra TRON Legacy Motorcycle Suits that was on the way for TRON: Legacy. But that was just a taste. Disney has now revealed an onslaught of clothes, jewelry, and other fashion items for the upcoming Sci-fi movie. Featuring dark finishes, neon lighting and a cyber aesthetic, DCP’s new Tron Legacy line will immerse kids and adults alike into the amazing, illuminated cyber world of Tron. Developed in collaboration with leading industry innovators including Spinmaster, Monster, Performance Designed Products (PDP) and Razer, the items available range from simple t-shirts to $795 Quorra Couture Platform Sandals. Disney’s TRON Legacy products will be available at retail beginning this October and the movie, directed by Joseph Kosinski, stars Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Michael Sheen, Bruce Boxleitner, and Jeff Bridges opens in 3D on Decemeber 17th.

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