Brabus Mercedes SV12 R Biturbo 800 – The World’s Most Powerful and Fastest Luxury Sedan

Brabus Mercedes SV12 R Biturbo 800
Brabus Mercedes SV12 R Biturbo 800 Dubbed as the Brabus SV12 R Biturbo 800, this power packed Mercedes S Class is in fact the world’s most powerful and fastest luxury sedan which is able to unleash no less than 800 hp (788 bhp / 588 kW) at 5,500 rpm  and 1,420 Nm (1,047 lb-ft) of torque. The SV12 R Biturbo 800 features a 5.5 liter V12 engine that, thanks to a special crankshaft with longer stroke, precision-balanced piston rods, larger-diameter pistons and corresponding larger cylinder bore, has increased to 6.3 liters. Brabus also installed new turbochargers, a sport exhaust, carbon fiber air intake, four intercoolers and a recalibrated ECU. Performance is understandably brisk, with the benchmark 0-62mph sprint taking just 3.9 seconds, 0-124mph comes up in 10.3 seconds, while the top speed is limited to 217mph. The Brabus SV12 R Biturbo 800 Mercedes S Class uses a reinforced five-speed automatic transmission to put power to the ground, and a high-performance limited-slip differential with a locking rate of 40 percent is also availableas an option. Brabus Mercedes SV12 R Biturbo 800 Brabus Mercedes SV12 R Biturbo 800 These upgrades naturally also include tires capable of handling the speeds this car is capable of. Pirelli or Yokohama offer the matching rubber, in sizes 265/30 (front) and 295/30 (rear). Wheels come in three sizes, from 19 to 21 inches, and in four flavors: three-piece forged and high-gloss polished Brabus Monoblock VI wheels with six double spokes, multi-spoke Monoblock E wheels, Monoblock S wheels with double-spoke design and Monoblock F Platinum Edition forged wheels with cross-spoke design. The upgrade continues in the cabin, where countless combinations of leather or Alcantara and exclusive wood trim sets are available. The iBusiness multimedia system deserves a special note, as it’s for the very first time that various Apple components have been fully integrated into the vehicle electronics of the Mercedes S-Class. There’s no information on the price yet, but surely it will match all the other specs.

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