Dolce Vita – Deck Line’s Boat-shaped Bar is an Eye-catching Addition to Any Home

Deck Line's Dolce Vita Bar Deck Line’s Dolce Vita Bar The Dolca Vita bar from the house of Deck Line, the firm that create the Grande Croisiere bar counter, has been designed for those who like wood, marine style and luxuries. Design is not the Dolce Vita`s only important thing. The Dolce Vita counter is solid too. It is fitted with lighting porthole and comes with an attractive foot stool in stainless steel and sliding door. The body is built of fiber glass and is covered over by wood. Douka, plywood and maple combine to fashion this creation that wood-lovers would appreciate. The combination of plywood, maple and douka will impresse the most committed critical designer. If you like living in St Tropez in the `60s the special series boat-shaped Dolce Vita bar is created just for you. The limited edition Dolca Vita bar is priced at €5,945 (about $7,900). So, if you love the water and enjoy their spirits you have to hurry up and bye this gorgeous piece. [Deck Line]

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