The Operetta Pet Lounge – Luxury Residence For Your Pet

Operetta Pet Lounge Operetta Pet Lounge Already known that some puppies live better than some people. When I look at this Operetta Pet Lounge, I agree with that. The lounge is made by Philippine industrial designer, Kenneth Cobonpue, as a beach-ready, pup-friendly pet bed. The lounge is made of polyethylene and is mounted on an aluminum base. It looks like one giant slip-on. It is very airy giving your pet the kind of relaxation it deserves. Designers and manufacturers have tried to create new and unique creation which provide to your pet safety, comfort and endless care. If you reward your dog with the Operetta Pet Lounge, the other puppies will be jealous and certenly will drool. The price of this lounge is $740 and comes in a couple of colour combinations. [Unica Home]
Operetta Pet Lounge

Operetta Pet Lounge

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