Bovet Amadeo Mille Fleurs Convertible Watch

Bovet Amadeo Mille Fleurs Convertible Watch Bovet Amadeo Mille Fleurs Convertible Watch An incredibly romantic and equally precious gift from Bovet could be the Mille Fleurs Watch from the Amadeo collection. Featuring the Amadeo case, models in the Mille Fleurs collection have an either white or black motherof- pearl dial with 12 diamond indexes and are decorated with a miniature hand-painting. Customers can request all sorts of flowers from Bovet. In fact, when it comes down to it, customers can request just about anything to be painted on the dial. It has detachable straps and comes with an optional gold chain. This allows the watch to be either a wrist watch, pocket watches, pendant watch, or desk clock. The 39mm wide case is in either red or white gold, and it holds inside a Bovet calibre 11BA12 automatic movement featuring a 72-hour power reserve. Bovet and Amadeo Mille Fleurs collection is inspired by the Valley of Flowers, Val-de-Traver, the historic birthplace of Bovet.

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