Maier Luxury Faucets Adorned With Swarovsky Crystals

Maier Skip Diamond Faucets Maier Skip Diamond Faucets Gold and diamonds have always been symbols of wealth wherever they applied. The Spanish company, Maier has crafted some alluring fixtures for equally charming, opulent bathrooms. You can choose between a floral or a simpler, moderate design. Along with the Luxury model, the Surf and Skip Diamond faucets are also decked up with different Swarovski decorations. You can get any of them in chrome, gold, or satin gold; although you may have trouble choosing which one goes best with the aesthetic of your washroom since all three of them are beyond compare. Whether you choose faucet studded with 1720 Swarovski crystals in floral patterns or Subtly decked with two rows of Swarovski crystals, your bathroom will shine in full splendor of luxury! So, do not be surprised if your guests struggled over who would be in the bathroom! The company states that each Maier faucet comes with its Certificate of Guarantee for 5 years. [Maier]

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