Limited Edition Growler Jaguar E-Type

Limited Edition Growler Jaguar E Type
Limited Edition Growler Jaguar E Type Trend of revival of old model cars is continuing. Swedish car design firm Vizualtech has confirmed it will build a very limited run of its Growler, inspired by the legendary Jaguar E-type. Jaguar E-Type first appeared in 1961 and many praised as the best-looking sports car. The cars will be based on the Jaguar XKR chassis, using the R’s supercharged 5.0-liter V8 for 600 horsepower. With a carbon fiber chassis and a weight a shade under 3,500 pounds, the Growler should hit 60 mph in less than four seconds. The design of this sports car is Bo Zolland, designer of the Swedish design studio, Vizualtech, and Robert Palm, an independent designer from Switzerland. They plan to build the first car in the summer of 2012, taking about six months to build each example by hand. The estimated price is $700.000 and it could rise if the number of cars produced stays in single figures. It is interesting that in 1961 the E-type cost £2.256. That price today converts to around £38.000. Difference in the price of £312.000 pales into insignificance when you consider what the Growler is truly trying to replicate. The Jaguar E-type is surely a contender for one of the greatest sports cars of all time. [Top Gear]

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  1. Comedian Bony Tanks says:

    I’d give my left kidney to own one of these cars…

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