World’s Most Expensive Pot For $607,000 Comes To You In A Rolls-Royce

Fissler China Gold Cooking Pot
Fissler China Gold Cooking Pot For the $607,000 You can buy a lot of expensive things, or just one, but the most expensive in the world. It is about pot, but not any, but the Fissler China Cooking Pot that is set in pure gold, fearers gold handles, a gold lid bringing the pot’s weight to 738 grams and is also adorned with 13 diamonds. This world’s most expensive pot gets delivered to you in a Rolls-Royce, but you have to return it. For that price, I would expect to keep it. A spokesperson for Fissler China justifies the price by saying: Any buyer of this pot will get our top service. He/she would not only be invited to the top Michelin restaurant in Europe with ten of her/his friends, but also the company would deliver the pot to his/her address with a Rolls-Royce. If we consider that most of the rich who has that money, usually does not like to cook and have their personal cooks, The Zhuo Zhan department store in Changchun, the capital of China’s Jilin Province, that has put this product on sale, will not clear out all gold and diamond cooking pots. [The Rich Time]

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