I’m Watch – Android-based Smartwatch for Geeks

I’m Watch

I’m Watch

If you want a stylish, multifunction watch with a smartphone OS and SDK that increases its features and allows for endless possibilities, look no further. The latest experiment in this field comes from Italy in the form of the I’m Watch and looks very promising. Designed and assembled by Manuel Zanella and Massimiliano Bertolini, the watch functions like a smartphone on your wrist. This extraordinary device is able to connect to iPhone, Android, and soon to other devices like BlackBerry. Upon making a connection with your device, the I’m Watch gives you access to multiple applications, like Facebook, Twitter, Email, and text messages. It is even possible to answer incoming calls with it, much like those classic science fiction movies we all love. It will apparently connect to your smartphone via Bluetoothbut it can also sync through WiFi hotspot. With 4GB of internal memory, 64MB RAM and a 1.54” color TFT display at 240 x 240 resolution, Li-Po 600 mAh battery, the watch is available in two variants depending on your taste of luxury quotient. I’m Jewel is a luxury version, designed with precious materials, titanium, gold and jewels, with prices ranging from €599 to €11,999 ($845 – $16,930). The less opulent, I’m Color collection, on the other hand, comes in the white, blue, green, yellow, red, pink and black variants and is currently priced at €249 ($352) that can be ordered with a 20 percent advance payment, for offer ending July 18. Shipping is set to begin in October. [i’m Watch] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nF_XiCApFe8[/youtube]
I’m Jewel

I’m Jewel

I’m Color

I’m Color

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  1. Hello
    Kindly i have some question i need to ask :
    1.the i’m watch which in the pic is it the latest modeil from i’m
    2.What is the price for the watch the titanume watch?
    3.If i will ordert how long its will take to arrived to me?

    Kind regard

  2. hello, I wanted to know the value of this product I want to watch I’m selling here in Brazil thanks

  3. hello this and I’M WATCHING price for resale, I live here in Brazil required

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