Kate Middleton’s Blue VW Golf on EBay

Kate Middleton’s VW Golf on eBay Kate Middleton’s VW Golf She’s been whisked away from Buckingham Palace in an Aston Martin convertible and treated to a fairy tale carriage ride on her wedding day. But back when Duchess Catherine was in the driver’s seat, it was behind the wheel of an indigo blue, three-door 2001 Volkswagen GolfKate Middleton purchased the car, brand new, while in Edinburgh back in 2001 for about £10,000. The 1.4-litre vehicle has about 62,500 miles on the clock and was used by the duchess when she worked for Jigsaw in London and while at St Andrews University with Prince William.  When Kate passed on the Golf to younger brother James in 2007, she upgraded to an Audi. Sonny Brazil, who bought the car from James for £1,400 in 2009, has placed a reserve of £20,000 on the royal runaround because of its famous history. James was very nice, a real gentleman,” Brazil told the press. At the time I didn’t put two and two together because he didn’t exactly say he was related to Kate but when I noticed the log book and saw the first owner was Catherine Middleton I got quite excited. Brazil explained that he’s been very protective of the car since he realized its potential value. The log book clearly shows the owner as Catherine Middleton and and auction estimates have pegged the potential selling price at more than £30,000. Bids for the 1.4 VW Golf will end on July 24th, although by Monday none had been received.

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