WaterBuggy Watertoy Combine the Best of a Jetski and a Sea Bike

When on a vacation at the beach or on a luxury cruise, adventure water sports definitely are a part of the itinerary of most tourists. One of the common sports is waterskiing in sea-scooters for a short trip nearby, or short races near the local beach. Cute and easy to use, the WaterBuggy is a favorite water vehicle all around the world. WaterBuggy Watertoy by Bodrum Marine Group
The WaterBuggy is the creation of Turkey-based Bodrum Marine Group, a watersports specialist. It’s part tender, part PWC, capable of carrying three people and operated via a simple joystick.  It has plenty of scope for making sharp turns, even 360-degree ones with the help of its joystick steering. Even if the waters are shallow, the buggy can cruise along fine as it is capable of moving around in depths of only three feet. The top speed is pegged at a maximum of 6 mph which means you can never really go out of control, while enjoying the leisurely time at sea. Pricing is available from WaterBuggy Store upon request. In the meantime, this video gives you a better sense of what the WaterBuggy is all about. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DK7kKXjCROQ[/youtube]

One thought on “WaterBuggy Watertoy Combine the Best of a Jetski and a Sea Bike”

  1. Rodolfo Grimaldi says:

    This page looks like Squidoo, but I like the “toy”. I haven’t seen it in Bodrum, but looking at the video, I think that I haven’t been on that part of the peninsula.

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