Atelcom Products are as Innovative as They are Luxurious

Atelcom is a brand that specialises in luxury mobile phones. It was created by Mr Carlos Bardote and has been established in Monte-Carlo for 20 years now. Atelcom symbolises quality, elegance, service consultancy and professionalism; in short: excellence! The key to its success is the desire to offer a preview of the best that the High Tech industry has to offer to satisfy Atelcom customers who want the latest in top-of-the-range and luxury products. Atelcom and the Manager Mr Bardote, have a meticulous approach that earns the confidence of a prestigious clientele which includes crowned heads, business men and top athletes: professional soccer players, formula 1 pilots, star singers, as well as very famous top chefs such as Mr Joel Robuchon, among others…
Atelcom was able to stand out from the rest by meeting the expectations of a demanding Monegasque as well as international clientele by customising and personalising phones to make them luxury communicating, fashion objects. This is achieved by working with natural materials such as precious stones, gold, Chinese lacquer, and rare and exotic leather. Atelcom distinguished itself with its original innovations, meeting customer expectations by creating luxurious high-tech phones and adding high-value materials to them. Inspired by the Monegasque lifestyle, Atelcom imagined and created the luxury range of diamond iPhones. This product is based on the latest functionalities as well as top design and the use of natural materials. ustomers’ need for additional functionalities is therefore fulfilled and at the same time they are able to show their social status and taste for beautiful things. Established in Monte-Carlo (in the centre of the world luxury capital: yachts, luxury cars, haute couture, jewellery and real estate), Atelcom benefits from an exceptional location which contributes to its competitive advantage and enables better promotion of new exclusive products such as the diamond iPhone, the limited edition iPad, etc… Over the years, by specialising in the sale of top-of-the-range mobile phones and now in high-tech products and luxury accessories, Atelcom has been able to diversify its service offer to include the personalisation and customisation of all its products. As a result of recent innovations in the field of technology and design, the mobile phone is obviously no longer only a phone. It has also become a symbol of social status and fashion as well as a marketing tool. Each product is created from the unique combination of precious stone and exotic leather. The number and quality of stones is the same for the entire range. By a simple request Atelcom can meet original demands by using other leathers and other types of precious stones.

Apple logotype and cover frame

  • Diamond
  • Emerald
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Tsavorite

Apple logotype

  • Quality of the stones: vs – vvs
  • 64 stones with a diameter of 1.20 mm
  • 13 stones with a diameter of 1.10 mm
  • 1 stone with a diameter of 1.70 mm
  • Total estimated amount of carats: 0.60


  • Quality of the stones: vs – vvs
  • 743 stones including:
  • – 676 stones with a diameter of 1.25 mm
  • – 67 stones with a diameter of 1.05 mm
  • Total estimated amount of carats: 6.30

Skins used

  • Alligator
  • Iguana
  • Ostrich
  • Python
  • Buffalo
All the products, manufactured in France and Switzerland, are hand assembled in Monaco, and are subjected to very strict controls. The workshop is able to provide its customers with any manufacturing certificate on simple request. Each product is created from the unique combination of diamonds and prestigious leather. The quality of the diamonds is the same for the entire range and other leathers and stones can be used on request. [Atelcom] [youtube][/youtube]

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