Buy Secret Submarine Base in Norway For $17.3 million

Olavsvern Naval Base, so-called secret submarine base in Norway has been put up for sale by the Royal Norwegian Navy. Arctic submarine base has been on the market since January 2011, but for the last several weeks has been listed for sale on a Norwegian web site. Built for $494 million back in 1967, today’s asking price of $17.3 million is a truly affordable.
Located off the Northern Coast, just outside the city of Tromsø, the property has approximately 13,500 square meters of buildings above ground, about 2500 square meters quay and a real mountain resort of about 25,000 square including a dry dock for submarines or boats, large sized workshops, an office space, a warehouse, a tunnel system, an emergency power system and fuel cells. Must be mentioned that only electricity bill is going to come around millions annually. Olavsvern was built by NATO and shared with the Norwegian Navy and U.S. forces over the years. The base was used during the Cold War by American submarines that were on assignment in the Arctic Ocean. It was used as a naval base only until 2003, later it was reduced to a supply base.

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