GolfSense – World’s First 3D Swing Analyzer

Zepp Technology designs and creates innovative sensor and software solutions, and now has launched GolfSense – world’s first 3D swing analyzer. This small portable 3D system delivers real-time feedback and analysis your golf swing to your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Just attach this luxury and tiny device (it weighs only 17 grams) to your glove and make your perfect swing.
“In many sports, technique is key to success,” says Zepp Technology CEO Jason Fass. “GolfSense provides immediate feedback, allowing you to finely tune your golf swing for maximum results. While it’s impossible to replace hands-on instruction from a skilled professional, GolfSense is an excellent diagnostic tool to be used in conjunction with your instructor or when practicing on your own. Our goal was to create something that is easy to use and allows you to see an analysis of your swing like never before.” The GolfSense uses data from 4 discrete MEMS sensors to accurately calculate club speed, club position, swing tempo and swing path. To view the captured data, as well as the 3D swing plane, simply activate Bluetooth on your smartphone. Press the small yellow button on the glove and capture select swings or all swings. To be sure that the Golf Sense doesn’t record practice swings, company created something they called “impact detection,” which determines when you make contact with the ball. The company is also BETA testing a feature called phone in pocket, which utilizes your iOS’ accelerometer to capture hip rotation data, and ultimately provide more info about your golf swing. GolfSense retails for $129.99, with a color choice of white or black. [GolfSense]  

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