STRUT LaunchPort System – the Best of iPad Docking Stations

San Clemente, California based company, STRUT is specialized in creating distinctive jewelry collections, wheels, and accessories designed for connoisseurs of luxury automobiles. Now, the company decided to create something for the mobile computing sector with a new STRUT LaunchPort Systema docking stand for the iPad.
STRUT LaunchPort is actually a docking stand that wirelessly charges the tablet which comes with a protective case. The arc at which the iPad is positioned also makes it usable in a docked position for a variety of possible in-car uses. The LaunchPort System is hand-crafted from stainless steel and triple-coated in chrome. The protective case will come in a variety of different designs – walnut burl, carbon fiber, leopard print or sparkle pink. This unique LaunchPort System is expected to go on display at the New York International Gift Fair later this month, before come into the hands of consumers, with the price tag of $1,250 ($1,000 for the dock and $250 for the case).

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