Whitepod Resort – High-tech Eco-Camp in the Swiss Alps

Looking for white, snow excitement?! Whitepod Resort – hi-tech eco camp in the Swiss Alps is waiting for you. Winner of the World Prize for Sustainable Tourism in 2005, this luxury resort, that consists of 15 original accommodation units in the shape of igloos is located 1,700 meters above sea level in the village of Les Cerniers. Combining traditional and a highly modern way of living, this eco camp offers breathtaking view on beautiful whiteness of Swiss valley.
The 15 white geodesic dome pods, although look like typical homes of ice, are heated with efficient little wood burning stoves and are sturdy so they can withstand snow loads. Each pod sleeps up to 4 and is individually decorated. It contains king-sized beds dressed in organic bedding and a fully equipped bathroom with shower, toilet and sink, directly hooked up to a private water source.The pods are lit by lanterns. All 15 heated igloos are grouped around a main 1800’s wooden chalet, a large airy historic building where guests can relax by the fire, eat meals and socialize. A spa is also available for guests. Guests have access to 7 km of ski slopes with 3 private ski lifts, which are the only motorized systems there.The resort, that is envisaged to create, or recreate, a link of mutual respect between man and nature, offsets their energy use by sourcing renewable energy.┬áVarious types of winter adventures are available for guests, including downhill skiing or snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, and guided hikes.

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