Prada Gifts Now Boasts Luxury Board Games

We have already seen some exclusive board games. Some of them are world’s most expensive such as £20,000 ($31.750) high-tech Scrabble set by Mind Sport , some are unique like 17th-century amber games board with Royal provenance of King Charles I, while Geoffrey Parker’s luxury and expensive sets ($7.5 million world’s most expensive poker set; $387,890 Backgammon Game Set and $77,880 Chess Set) are special story. Now, renowned Italian fashion label Prada joins to this list launching luxury Board Game as part of its Gifts section.

PRada, the Italian leather-goods maker has now created a luxury line of Board Games, just in time for the holidays for to socialize in style

Just in time for holiday season, you can pick up some great gift from the range of Prada’s Game Boards, such as backgammon, checkers, a chess set, and nine men’s morris. This popular game boards get glamorous look applying Saffiano leather for the basin white, black, and red, and metal for the gaming pieces. Prada Board Games are available at Prada Store online, with the price from €1,950 ($2,500) to €2,500 ($3,200). The price does include the signature silver Prada symbol on the front and closing band, so if you’re interested for this certificate of luxury and prestige, it can also be bought online.
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