Sergio Toro’s Wild Footwear Collection

If you prefer wild style and if you’re supporter of wearing 8 inch high shoes, then you’ll adore new Sergio Toro’s Wild Footwear Collection. Sergio Toro is a luxury design house based in New York, whose philosophy is reflected in avant-garde style and detailed craftsmanship of their products.
Sergio Toro's Wild Footwear Collection

Sergio Toro introduces Wild footwear collection

Inspired by the more mysterious side of nature, combining it with elements rooted in mythology and science fiction, Sergio Toro’s newest Wild Footwear Collection consist of three unique wild-style shoes: Manta, Jaw and Venom. All three models don’t have the heels, but still are 8 inch high and are described as “not an accessory – it’s an experience”. Manta shoes are made of top quality stingray skin with metal-hardware spike, Jaw shoes are made of Italy’s top quality calfskin and in the area where should be the heel is metal-hardware teeth decoration, while Venom shoes are made of top quality python leather with interesting huge tongue. The entire collection can be purchased exclusively by order, with the price of $7,200 for Manta model, $4,500 for Jaw model and $5,800 for Venom model. Sergio Toro's Wild Footwear Collection

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