Nike’s Nike+ FuelBand – Perfect Gift for Your Man

The Hollywood Reporter suggested 10 High-Tech Gadgets for Men, that can be a perfect holiday gifts. One of them, is this so practical bracelet that tracks all activity, counts calorie burn, and looks sporty. Nike’s Nike+ FuelBand is so special, since it provides one simple measurement for every kind of activity and literally tracks your every movement, whether you’re running, dancing, or rock climbing, and transform into data.
Nike + FuelBand

Nike’s FuelBand bracelet tracks your daily movement, calculating calories burned and activity time via a multicolored LED display

This particular fitness gadget, a simple black rubberized bracelet with a retro-chic LED lights to display your progress against your goal (red is bad, green is good), uses “oxygen kinetics” to figure out the amount of oxygen you’re using and then translates that input/output into a “universal currency” named Nikefuel. The more active things you do in a day means the more Nikefuel you earn in a day. Everything gets uploaded through Bluetooth or USB to the Nike+ website, where you can track your progress and history. Mobile app for iPhone only. Priced at $150, Nike’s Nike + Fuelband is perfect gift for your man.
Nike + FuelBand

The Nike+ FuelBand uses a sports-tested accelerometer to measure your movement in NikeFuel, a universal metric of activity

Nike + FuelBand

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