JetSetVets – First Private Jet Veterinary Pet Service Ever

We have already met with various offers for the rich who want to pamper their already spoiled pets. First Luxury Pet Hotel – Parisian Actuel Dogs; The Operetta Pet Lounge – Luxury Residence For Your Pet; Swarovski Baby Bathtub – Luxury Bath For Your Pet; Harrison K-9 Security Service Dogs Protect Your Wealth for $230,000, are some of the many incredible ways to throw the money in order to treat their pets are an absolute member of the family. Now, the newest service for pets, under the name JetSetVets is actually first ever private jet veterinary pet service which will offer services like in-flight medical care. Blue Star Jets, a company that has long served an elite air travel clientele globally has teamed up with Dr. Cindy Bressler, the NYC and Hamptons based Celebrity Veterinarian known for making House Calls to the same clientele, to create this very unique and caring service for elite clientele, in fact for their pets.

JetSetVets is launched as the first ever private jet Veterinary pet service with in-flight medical care

JetSetVets will provide in-flight medical care, assistance with preparation of pets’ travel documents, and work with Veterinary hospitals globally to ensure seamless transport and transition of care. And, to be even more ironic, on that way rich pet owners will actually be very human, since they would also be helping their unprivileged animal friends as large portion of proceeds will be credited to the credit of Animal Charities. “JetSetVets is ideal for pet owners who, until now, have not realized the full extent of possibilities regarding traveling with their sick pets,” said Dr. Bressler. If he says so, than it is so. So the privileged pets of elite class get the required medical attention while they accompany their masters during their air travel which will help them make a safe and prestigious landing on the airport. JetSetVets will certainly have their hands full.
JetSetVets is launched as the first ever private jet Veterinary pet service with in-flight medical care

Dr. Cindy Bressler

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