MB&F New Legacy Machine No.2 Watch with Two Balances

Two years ago, we introduced you the MB&F Legacy Machine No.1. Following success of this Authentic Three-dimensional Watch, MB&F founder Max Busser, master watch movement architect Jean-Fran├žois Mojonn and their team at Chronode worked closely on new Legacy Machine No.2 – a timepiece with two balances hovering outside the movement. MB&F Legacy Machine 2 When asked where the idea came from, Max Busser said, “It comes from the first time I set eyes on Philippe Dufour’s Duality watch ten years ago. I remember being breath taken when I turned the simple watch around to discover the two balance wheels. From there we started the long process of trying to find where did the idea of two balance wheels come from, and the journey took us back 250 years!” MB&F Legacy Machine 2 LM2 is a direct descendent of LM1. It uses the exact same case, and was conceived by the same man (Jean-Fran├žois Mojonn) and finished by the same man (Kari Voutilainen), whose names are hand engraved on the back. The watch features two over-sized balance wheels “flying” over a multi-layer lacquer dial linked by a a planetary differential which transmits the average rates of those balance wheels to a single gear train. The actual time-telling sub-dial is bright white lacquer with blued gold hour and minute hands, balanced perfectly by the raised differential at 6 o’clock. LM No.2 is limited to only 18 pieces that will be done in platinum case and blue dial ($190,000), is also available in 18k red or white gold ($156,000). MB&F Legacy Machine 2 MB&F Legacy Machine 2 MB&F Legacy Machine 2 MB&F Legacy Machine 2 MB&F Legacy Machine 2 MB&F Legacy Machine 2 MB&F Legacy Machine 2

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