Craze for Starbucks’ $450 Limited Edition Metal Card

For the second year in a row, just in time for holiday, Starbucks is rolling out an ultra-limited edition gift card. This year, $450 metal, gift card is even more exclusive – only 1,000 issued compared to last year’s 5,000 cards. Limited edition cards were offered on the luxury goods website on Friday at noon and they literally sold out in seconds. For 30 minutes 11,000 people tried to join the card wait-list. $450 gets you a card preloaded with $400 in store credit. It also has Gold-level status – free refills on iced or brewed coffee or tea, along with other perk. Starbucks calls it the Metal Card and it really is made of metal. It features an artisan rose metal base with rose-colored coating, while Starbucks lettering is laser-etched on the front. Each card comes in a blue gift box with a special letter inside that explains the card’s value. Craze for Starbucks' $450 Limited Edition Metal Card
Unfortunately, there were some complaints on Starbucks card promotion, since Gilt accidentally posted – then quickly un-posted – the $450, ultra-limited edition Starbucks Metal card on its site one day before it was supposed to go on sale. Allegedly, some savvy consumers not only bought that card way ahead of the curve, but turned around and re-posted the collectible cards for sale on eBay – at as much as twice the price. This, even before the cards were supposedly available for purchase to general consumers at noon EST on Friday.

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