2014 Ferrari 458 Scuderia Set for Debut at Frankfurt Auto Show

Rumor has for a long time about new Ferrari 458, and as things stand now, this model will be able to meet the general public in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The 2014 Ferrari 458 has possible three names, Scuderia, Monte Carlo or Challenge Stradale.

To the selected clients, however, the 458 Scuderia will be shown earlier, while shipments will start early in 2014. Over the past year, Ferrari has been very busy. Last year it was first introduced the successor to the 599 GTB, F12 Berlinetta, a few months ago LaFerrari hybrid supercar.

2014 Ferrari 458 Scuderia

Last Scuderia that was presented was the F430 in 2009. It had a 503 HP a significantly lower weight than conventional supercar. Stripped 458 Italia will be even more impressive than that. Most impressive of all will be the new 458 Scuderia, and will have a 4.5-liter V8 engine enhanced to about 600HP, and will be lighter than the standard 458 Italia.

Furthermore, the RPM redline will be placed at 9,300 RPM, while the engine will be delivering the muscle to the rear axle via a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and it will almost surely be fitted with additional aerodynamic parts manufactured from carbon fiber. Also, the package will be with modified suspension and exhaust system, new tires, strong brakes, a modified transmission and changed the interior.

Rumors are circulating that the Ferrari 458 Scuderia price go up to about $1.3 million.

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