Koenigsegg CCX Edition At A Price Of $1,225,000

For customers with sufficiently deep pockets Koenigsegg official dealer in Germany has offered, at a price of $1,225,000, a unique Koenigsegg CCX Edition. Swedish manufacturer unveiled the CCX Edition in 2008 at the Geneva Motor Show, and this particular copy has so far driven only 4,500 miles.

Koenigsegg CCX Edition At A Price Of $1,225,000

The car is powered by 4.8 liter V8 engine with 662 kW/888Hp and 920 Nm, acceleration from 0 to 60mph takes 2.9 seconds, and a top speed of over 250mph. Other informations about this car you can find on site

Koenigsegg CCX Edition At A Price Of $1,225,000

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