Porsche 918 Spyder In Scale 1:8

If you do not have money for a real Porsche, here’s your chance to own one. However, it is a Porsche made in scale 1:8. The 918 Spyder made of silver liquid metal will cost you $6,323. The car is unique as the original, and is limited to only 918 pieces. Model is high-end handmade with 165 pieces faithful in every detail to the original 918 Spyder in scale 1: 8. Tagged Limited Edition. 918 Spyder Ltd. Ed., 1:8
The pedestal is made of MDF, and it comes in acrylic display case. The dimensions of the cabinet are 69 x 36 x 26 cm, and its weight is about 20kg. If you are interested in purchasing this unique copy, please contact Porsche Centre. 918 Spyder Ltd. Ed., 1:8

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