Extravagant Shower By Zuchetti.Kos

Wazebo is perfect for enjoying your morning shower, or for day or evening shower. It was designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba for Zucchetti.Kos. This independent unit will certainly provide a special character to the open space. Place it in your own mini pavilion and this fantastic shower will banish all your concerns and take away your breath. Designed as a wellness spa, it combines the healing power of nature with the sounds and the feeling of spring rain. How empowering! Extravagant Shower By Zuchetti.Kos
Imagine the luxury shower on your private terrace overlooking the ocean. Or maybe in the middle of the woods, can be installed directly on the ground if you want to feel the grass or sand under your feet. Luxury shower in the middle of nature, imagine … And did we mention that it’s a double shower – how romantic? Extravagant Shower By Zuchetti.Kos Extravagant Shower By Zuchetti.Kos

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