Filotto – Crystal Pool Table by Calma e Gesso

Italian company, Calma e Gesso reinvents the billiards table with a series of innovative, patented solutions that have produced a seemingly transparent crystal ‘jewel’. For example their Filotto is what may just be the most incredible pool table in the world. This is the creation of Adriano Design for Calma e Gesso, who has managed to re-create familiar green wool suspended in beautiful crystal structure. The magic lies in having realized a thin, steel frame, which is both adjustable, divisible, and supports the solid slate game surface, as well as the crystal structure that characterizes this new design. Filotto - Crystal Pool Table by Calma e Gesso The unique feeling of seeing a 750kg billiard table ‘float’ on four legs is second only to the pleasure of playing on this italian masterpiece. With this sophisticated design, Filotto is the first product for new Italian luxury brand, Calma e Gesso.

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