Luxury Villa Overlooking Lake Como on Sale

On the shore of the lake, you’ll find this magnificent mansions, that just has been listed for €8 million ($11 million). Only the view of the luxury villa overlooking Lake Como worth every cent of this figure. Located in in Carate Urio, it is a little corner of paradise in one of the most beautiful areas of northern Italy. In short, this is your dream home, inside and out. The internal surface area is 549 square meters on three levels: the top floor of this historic mansion has been turned into the attic, but it is a large and well-structured environment so as to be very livable. Nothing prevents to convert it into a relaxation room, a second living room or five star suite. For the rest, the pictures of home leave little to the imagination: the exterior is impressive, and the interior has definitely lived up to all the context. Luxury Villa Overlooking Lake Como on Sale As soon as you walk through the grand front door and step into the living room, you have the impression that the time has stopped: the two-tone tiles, decorated ceiling, the velvet sofas, a luxury that seems to belong to another era. The materials are high quality, exclusive furnishings. Since the three large windows offer an unparalleled glimpse of the lake and the greenery that surrounds the body of water, it follows that the luminous living room is definitely the heart of this house octagonal. Luxury Villa Overlooking Lake Como on Sale The other rooms also have their strengths: each has a strong personality, a regal details that set it apart from all others. It is surprising , for example, in the dining room, there is a beautiful painting that adorns the ceiling. More generally, almost every room has large window offering breathtaking view on beautifully blue lake, making it virtually unnecessary paintings and other decorative elements. Luxury Villa Overlooking Lake Como on Sale The luxury and elegance dominate even in the sleeping area, where you’ll find four bedrooms and three of the four bathrooms which villa features. Lovely master bedroom will give prospective tenants the opportunity not just to wake up in it, but to see the beauty of blue water and the peaks of the surrounding mountains. But that’s not all . To give even more value to this historic villa in the heart of Carate Urio, there’s magnificent garden overlooking the lake and the spectacular private infinity pool, where you can enjoy a quiet swim and extraordinary show from nature at the same time. Luxury Villa Overlooking Lake Como on Sale

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