Mercedes Sprinter Airstream Autobahn

We know that the Airstream is an American company that produces luxury “Retro” travel trailers, but this time the American luxury has partnered with European certified quality. This is a new model called the Airstream Autobahn, based on the latest model of the famous Mercedes’ Sprinter van. Company President Bob Wheeler said: “Airstream continues to build industry standard for unparalleled luxury and comfort in driving, now even more pronounced strategic cooperation with Mercedes-Benz company.” Also points out: “Whether you’re a VIP, a businessman or a family member, we are creating a new category of luxury that is focused on the exclusive level of individual comfort of each passenger.” Mercedes Sprinter Airstream Autobahn
The outer portion is largely the same as on every Sprinter Van, except it will have a well-known Airstream silver color, but most attention was paid to the interior, where the luxury sedan expected to set new standards in the VIP trip. Airstream has room for eight passengers with maximum comfort, of which six sit back and two seats on front, including the driver. Mercedes Sprinter Airstream Autobahn The interior is largely inspired space that private jets offer to their travelers in terms of comfort and luxury. All six seats in the rear can be individually heated and cooled, fully equipped with electric backrest footrest, individual lighting, wooden floor, two refrigerators, 32-inch LCD TV, Blu-Ray player, USB port, Apple TV machine and so on. With a fairly high price of 133,000 dollars, Autobahn runs the well-known Mercedes’ 3.0-liter V6 turbo diesel engine with 188Hp. Mercedes Sprinter Airstream Autobahn Mercedes Sprinter Airstream Autobahn

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