Modern And Antique In One – Döttling Fusion Safe

You already well know Döttling as German safe manufacturer who creates state-of-the-art foolproof safes. But, their latest model – Fusion may be the most unique safe this brand has crafted to date. It can be best described as modern and antique in one, since it is crafted combining best features from two of their well-received creations – the luxurious Liberty and an antique 19th century unit, part of the Legend series. Modern And Antique In One - Döttling Fusion Safe
The Liberty is a high-end cabinet which can be used to safely store watches, guns, and even cigars, while the second safe is known as the No. 176 and was manufactured in Marseille, France, in 1820. The safe is covered in calfskin leather and uses state-of-the-art technology to protect its contents. The safe can be connected to your home’s alarm system, making it an all-round great product when it comes to both function and form. Modern And Antique In One - Döttling Fusion Safe Also, it’s modern Liberty part of design which is on the bottom, allows customization, so you can have an optional skull set with Swarovski diamonds and other gems that will cover the keypad.

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