What’s Inside 2015 Oscar Swag Bag

When you read this article, you won’t feel sorry for the Oscar nominees who go home without a gold statuette Sunday night. The losers in the top categories of best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, best supporting actress, and best director will go home with the consolation prize – a swag bag valued at $168,000, almost double the value of last year’s $85,000 basket. The 21 gift bags were put together by a company called Distinctive Assets, who has put together the “Everyone Wins at the Oscars Nominee Gift Bag,” for past 13 years. What's Inside 2015 Oscar Swag Bag
In addition to $4,068 worth of non-invasive L.E.D. light therapy for “weight loss” and “body contouring and sculpting;” a $1,200 Matrone bicycle; a $20,000 gift certificate for a 2015 horoscope that includes dream analysis and “mind control techniques,” this year’s gift bag includes three luxury vacations, with a combined value of nearly $40,000. The celebrities also receive a year’s Audi A4 rental ($25,000); a sweet and dessert buffet ($1,000); and a delivery of “natural French Mediterranean sea salts” ($1,900). Not to forget a laser vibrator valued at $250. What's Inside 2015 Oscar Swag Bag

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