Would You Pay $816 for Ice-Cream Scoop?

If you visit Scoopi Cafe in Dubai and order Black Diamond ice-cream, don’t be shocked when see the price of Dh2,999 (about $816). Yes, that’s the price per scoop, and obviously this Cafe has created the world’s most expensive Sundae. And, that job took five weeks. Served in a Versace porcelain dish with same-style spoon, this exotic ice cream is made from Madagascar vanilla ice-cream, infused with the world’s most expensive Iranian saffron and decorated with slices of black Italian truffles. Would You Pay $816 for Ice-Cream Scoop?
Also, to be more luxury, the dessert is topped with 23-carat edible gold. And, you can keep the bowl and the spoon. Very generous for the price you pay for the one ice-cream scoop. Would You Pay $816 for Ice-Cream Scoop?

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