Log Burners Shaped Like Volkswagen Campers

Volkswagen cars are valid for reliable models in which the engine overheating has abstract noun. But here’s the proof that VW can well heat up when it is needed. If you are among those who prefer to spend their weekends at the cottage on the mountain, then there is no better way to warm up, when night falls, from the Log Burners. However, if you are missing your pet, that sleeps in the garage, the British have found a solution. Log Burners Shaped Like Volkswagen Campers
The creative duo called “Creation Fabrication“, still has not decided whether it will go in serious production, everything is still at the stage of hobby, but a job that they have done with Volkswagen Log Burners is very professional. Stoves that they have designed, are convincing replica of camper vans from German company. If you are interested in price, it is about 350 euros or $375. Log Burners Shaped Like Volkswagen Campers

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