Hidden Paradise On The Pacific Coast

A'tolan House

It is hard to achieve greater success than the perfect combination of natural beauty and modern design styles, which give an entirely unexpected result on the Pacific coast. Design studio Create+Think found inspiration for the project in Thailand is in the details of the local language, talking about a completely natural stone shelter. A’tolan house, meaning “House of stone” is not just that. With broad surfaces that connect spacious garden full of lush vegetation and the interior of the house, this house creates a primer on what can be easily understood concept of open space.

A'tolan House
A’tolan House

All rooms are combined into one, while physically are separated only a bedroom and part of the kitchen. Not spared even a bath, since the whole bathroom is under the open sky full of stars. The wide wooden platform on which there is a bathroom attached skillfully with the rock formations that surround the house.
Architects have planned such a small footprint that would house broadcast, presenting a project that is connected directly to an exceptional extent, not only with the environment in terms of landscape, but directly with the natural system, respecting the local traditions and the spirit of the whole region. To create individual elements is used the stone processed by traditional methods, thus achieving a unique resilience and stoicism of the entire building with the effects of the dynamic character of the sea.

A'tolan House
A’tolan House

Elements of wood and furniture are not inconsistent with the bond that the house has with nature, as in a special way, to the warmth of the whole atmosphere of negating the impact of wide glass surfaces.
Unique impression leaves play of light that is refracted through the surface made of dark wood texture with elements of graphite metals, making the entire project fully integrated into the environment and creating a true place to enjoy.

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