EXOSUIT – Innovative Diving Suit

When you see it, you’ll probably think this is something astronauts might wear in space, but this metal suit actually has completely different – underwater purpose. Developed and built in North Vancouver by Nuytco Research Ltd, this hard metal dive suit allows divers to operate safely down to a depth of 1000 feet and yet still have exceptional dexterity and flexibility to perform delicate work.
Nuytco Exosuit

Nuytco Exosuit

The amazing technology of the EXOSUIT atmospheric diving system (ADS) maintains a cabin pressure of the surface and still allows the suit to bend due to a unique rotary joint invented by Phil Nuytten. Air Two redundant oxygen systems provide up to 50 hours of air, which is constantly recirculated through carbon dioxide scrubbers. Thrusters Divers control four 1.6-horsepower thrusters with their feet. If your mission needs more juice, you can upgrade to eight thrusters.
Nuytco Exosuit

Nuytco Exosuit

Telemetry A fiber-optic cable connection allows topside monitoring and control of the suit in case the diver loses consciousness. The suit comes with accessories: claws for all occasions, including large and small grippers for different sized objects, a saw for cutting lines, and a hook. Nuytco also offers a 2000 ft. version of the Exosuit with the same innovative features as available on the standard Exosuit 1000.

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  1. Jean-François Daigle says:

    Awesome. I’ve been wishing to become an exosuit pilot for years !

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