Luxury Ralph Lauren’s Boxes

Boxes kept our valuables, whether it comes to important documents, letters from the past, a variety of jewelry or trinkets. They can be of all possible forms, but it is certainly necessary to be original and interesting. They have to leave a strong impression of quality craftsmanship. About brand Ralph Lauren Home, we don’t have anything further to explain. Their products speak for themselves. Ralph Lauren’s luxury boxes are made of top quality materials such as ivory, mahogany wood, ebony, silver, gilding, snakeskin …
Ralph Lauren's Boxes

Ralph Lauren’s Boxes

From such one manufacturer, you can’t expect anything less, considering that one box can cost up to $3,500, if, for example, is made in a combination of ivory and gold. There are also boxes that are coated with pony hair, or made of pure silver. If you want to give the box as a gift, there is a possibility to engrave initials or a special message on the lid. Our favorite is definitely a box of genuine pony hair which is rustic decor, perfect for storing precious trifles. And the price is also a “trifle,” – $1,295.

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