MBF And Caran D’Ache Launches Pen Inspired By Space Travel

Swiss avant-garde watch brand MB&F and premium penmaker Caran d’Ache joined forces to create special pen inspired by space travel which comes some four years in the making. Designed to resemble a space rocket, a rhodium-plated fountain pen has 99 parts and required more than 500 manual operations to build. Astrograph pen features three flaps at the bottom that deploy or retracts with the flip of a button just like a spaceship. When you are done writing with this exclusive writing instrument, open the flaps and put it on the top of a launch pad like case having three legs.
MBF Pen Inspired By Space Travel

MBF Pen Inspired By Space Travel

The pen comes with a tiny magnetic astronaut that can be tacked anywhere on it. The nib is made from 18-carat gold and plated with rhodium, although a roller-pen version is available as well. This stunning writing instrument will come in three different finishes: ruthenium anthracite, high gloss rhodium or sandblasted matte rhodium. It comes as no surprise that MB&F Astrograph will come in just 99 limited edition pieces for a price tag of $19,900.

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