Vanguard Roadster To Debut At International Motorcycle Show In New York City

There’s a enterely new and exciting American motorcycle brand on the block. It is conceived, designed and built in New York City and dubbed Vanguard. This motorcycle company is unveiling its first bike – Roadster at the New York Motorcycle Show (December 9th to 11th). The Roadster is a massive, frameless nakedbike built around and upon a giant 1917cc v-twin engine. It boasts many unique features including a frameless structural engine, unitized crankcase, integrated exhaust and a tablet-size digital dashboard with rear-view camera.
Vanguard Roadster

Vanguard Roadster

To put it mildly, you’re not going to mistake it for anything else. The Vanguard Roadster is the first release of the new brand that also intends on building a Cruiser and Racer version as well. Starting at $29,995, a premium price within reach, the Roadster is set to enter production in 2018. You can catch the working prototype in the flesh next weekend, December 9-11 at the Javits Center in Manhattan.

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