Gothicism – $7,300 Steam Punk Coffee Machine

Dutch Lab is South Korean coffee brand which specialize in cold drip coffee brewers (AKA slow drip coffee or Dutch coffee) with majestic, luxurious and sometimes even fantastic designs. Such one example is their architectural steampunk cold drip coffee machine called Gothicism. This project follows the steampunk theme seen throughout the studio’s previous creations, such as the original ‘Steampunk’ and ‘Eiffel’.


Created by a team of architectural, industrial, and graphic designers with the help of professional barista Jaewoong Kwak, Gothicism is made of laser-cut anodized aluminum parts and employs the cold brew method of making coffee. This means that the coffee grounds steep in room temperature or cold water before filtering down into a decanter. For this reason, the designers concentrated on the vertical form — the coffee can fall straight down from the glass canisters. Water is dripped from tanks through the grounds, where it is collected in a beaker. Because Gothic architecture also had an emphasis on the vertical plane, the designers borrowed elements such as pointed spires, the rose windows, the towers, the arches, and ornate decorations. If you want one of your own, they are available from the Dutch Lab website – for a price of $7,300.


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