$10 Billion Renovation Of JFK Airport

New York City’s busiest airport is about to receive $10 billion renovation in order to become “a unified, interconnected, world-class’ complex.” This decision is proposed by New York governor Andrew Cuomo, who along with other government officials and a development team, announce their plan to convert the Saarinen Terminal into an airport hotel at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, in New York City.

JFK Airport

This investment includes updating and expanding the terminals and improving road and rail access at JFK. Not just that, the airport will see bigger parking lots, more fine dining options, duty-free shopping and retail, and conference and meeting room facilities.

JFK Airport

Improvements would also be made to security technologies, including video monitoring and facial recognition software, which are designed to speed up the process for passengers. $7 billion of planned $10 billion would come in the form of Private Sector Investment.

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